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How Animotica Works

Who should read this guide: 

Everyone who is interested in how to use Animotica. The following steps are simple enough to perform even if you have never tried Animotica or similar video editing software. If you don’t intend to spend much time on finding out how Animotica works, the step-by-step guide will briefly describe the way the software’s main features are functioning. 

More experienced users who are familiar with other video editors may estimate the major features and compare advantages of Animotica. 


What will you learn after reading the guide: 

Are you looking for the guide describing how to get started with Animotica? This particular guide will thoroughly explain how to do the first steps. This is one of the easy-to-use video editors on the market. 

Unlike most competitors, Animotica will help to start your Youtube/Instagram blog without any hassle. Become a video editor under a few minutes.


Basic features: the first step-by-step guide for Animotica users 


Combine video and photo together

Animotica allows combining video and photo. Create your own stories. All changes will be automatically saved while you’re working on a new project. To create a new project, choose a New project on the starting page. Then click on the Aspect Ratio;


Cut/Trim/Split clips

Cut the video clips, change the order of clips, delete clips that are unnecessary for your project. In order to cut the video, you should use the button Split for video and Duration for photos. These buttons are responsible for editing the length of your video or photo content. For more details check the How to Trim/Split guide.


Add Super Transitions

Have you seen awesome slideshows with beautiful animated or static transition effects between slides or clips? Animotica gives a chance to create such effect with a few simple clicks. Add 2 or more clips to the project, then click + between them and add the Transition. Get more details from the How to add Transition guide;


Rotate/Zoom the Video Clips

Rotate and change the dimensions of your video. Choose the Aspect Ratio for your content. Go to Project Settings  Aspect Ratio. Select the required aspect ratio. To rotate a video, select the clip and click on Transform. On this panel a user can rotate the video by clicking the button Rotate. 


Add background Music and Voiceover

It’s hard to image a video montage or slideshow without any music. That’s why Animotica has the option for adding the voice and audio background. Find the button Audio. Then choose the setting Add Audio or Voice Over. Use the pre-recorded file with your voice commentaries or any music in mp3 format.


Video filters and effects

To make your project more awesome, use different filters and effects for your videos/photos (just like on your smartphone). Find and click Select a clip. Then choose Effect and pick up the effect you like among the default options. Animotica has a wide array of awesome effects. Try them all to spice up your project!


Add titles, stickers, picture in video and video in video

Add animated texts and stickers over your video or slideshow. Find the setting Overlays. Then choose Add text / Add sticker. The next step is to find and click on Motion. Then select the Motion type. Here you may specify the set the start and end position for the animated effect. Or specify the time mark where to place a sticker. 


Export and Share Video 

That is how your video, photo or slideshow may be edited. Create your own stories thanks to Animotica. Don’t forget to save your video. Find and select Save video. Then Choose video settings. Click the button Save. After finishing, you may share your video or photo project anywhere online, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. 


Animotica is a sophisticated video editing software, not overloaded with too many options. It is aimed at professional and beginning bloggers, users who want to edit home video under 5-10 minutes.