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How to Add Text, Stickers and Overlay to Your Video?

Would you like to know a secret?

This art was tight to us by an ancient order of monks hidden from the world in a forgotten monastery in the middle of the Tibetan Mountains.


Here goes:

“If you really want to make something irresistibly cute and cuddly – slap a sticker on it”   -  Lama Mou Fao Tsong, The Ancient Sage

The step-by-step guide for animating text and overlays, and adding stickers in Animotica

  1. To kick things off, add the video you’d like to edit to a project.

  2. Click on the Overlays tab under the video preview.

  3. Choose the starting point where the edits will kick in on the scale. Then choose the duration of the effect.

  4. Click on the Add Overlay button.

  5. The Overlays offer access to a plethora of peculiar fonts and super-sweet stickers you can enhance your eye-candy video with.

  6. If you went with the Add Text option, you’ll be able to edit it by clicking on the box. Change the find, color, size, and positioning of the text message. You can also add shadow, blending, and opacity effects if you feel like it.

Pro tip: Snapchat and Instagram won’t handle the cuteness overload coming from your jaw-dropping videos so please proceed with caution if you don’t want your viewers to bleed rainbows from their eyes ;)