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How to Manage Your Projects

One of the greatest features in Animotica is the management of already edited and saved projects. You may do a few actions to manage your Animotica projects.

The step-by-step guide for managing Animotica projects

  1. After you launch the Animotica project you’ll see the main menu 2 options to pick. The Latest Project you may continue to edit. Or you may start a New Project;
  2. If you just click on X to close this menu, you’ll see another menu with last 3 of your recent projects in Animotica. And again you may choose to start a new project;
  3. After choosing to edit one of the previous objects you may do a few actions. Click on the icon of three dots in the upper right corner. There is a menu with quick actions:
    • Delete — to erase the unfinished project or the one you have already edited and saved;
    • Duplicate — to create a copy of this project;
    • Rename — to change the project’s title;
    • Open — continue working on the project.