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How to Rotate Video

What is this guide for?

Rotating something may not be rocket science, but it is definitely among the most tedious and time-consuming tasks when it comes to video editing.

And it’s even worse when you are trying to rotate the aspect ratio for that absolutely adorable, but sadly horizontal video to fit the ever-so-trendy, yet vertical Instagram stories feed without breaking everything to bits.

Or maybe you don’t need to change the aspect ratio, but the otherwise eye-candy video was shot upside down or at a 90 degrees angle?

Worry not, as Animotica is here to save the day! #RealHeroesDontWearCapes.

The step-by-step guide on rotating videos in Animotica

  1. Start with creating a new project.

  2. Then add a video you’d like to edit.

  3. Choose the fitting aspect ratio you’d like to go for (like 16:9 for YouTube or 1:1/9:16 for Instagram, etc.). Remember that you can always change the ratio on the fly in the Project Settings.

  4. Click the Transform button and you’ll see the menu on the bottom of your screen that has the Rotate button. Use it.

  5. Then, after all’s done, simply click on the Fit/Fill button to scale the video to your preferred size.

Pro tip: the same panel has the options for aligning the video’s angle and perspective. This is a pretty powerful tool, especially for the times when you need to fix a video shot at a small angle.