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First of all, thank you for considering Animotica blog to place the masterpiece of yours here!

Yes, we do accept guest blogs.

However, there are some criteria of the article we can accept:

  1. It must be 100% unique. Not only in terms of the text and graphics content, but also in terms of the idea. There should be no similar articles published anywhere in the Internet.
  2. It must bring value to our audience.
  3. It must be grammatically correct.
  4. It should cover one of the topics related to video editing tips, tutorials, troubleshooting; video in social media marketing; you can also pitch your own video blog covering interesting insights. If you have any doubts about the topic, check other blogs here or ask us directly.
  5. We do not allow do follow links in the guest blogs, but it will be published on behalf of you as an author.

If you have any topic idea, please contact us via marketing @ animotica.com.

Good luck!