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How to Add Background Audio

Adding the perfect soundtrack to your videos or clips has never been simpler. Animotica allows you to add background audios in 5 super simple steps.

Just watch out for those pesky YouTube copyright strikes!


The step-by-step guide for adding a background audio track to your videos

  1. Open the Audio menu.
  2. Pick a starting point in your video or clip where you’d like the audio track to kick in.
  3. Press the + (plus) button to add your audio file. You can select it from the ones you’ve already added or you can upload something new from your PC. Alternatively, you can go with one of our own background audio effects.
  4. Drag-n-drop the audio file into the required position. It’ll probably be easier if you were to split the video into clips in advance, but either way works.
  5. Make a couple of final tweaks, play around with the volume settings or trim the audio file down to fit the needed length. Voila!

Pro tip: You’ll have to select the audio file and then choose either the Trim or the Volume option to edit it.