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How to Make a Slow Motion Video

What’s the most badass video effect on this side of the Matrix movies?

Slow motion.

What kind of a video editing app would we be if we didn’t offer you the chance to become the digital Jesus himself at will? Feel free to add amazing slow-mo and fast forward effects to entire videos or separate clips. Sprinkle the truly epic scenes with the much-needed drama or introduce the comedic element of speed to your Rocky-style training montages.

By the way, the audio clip slows down and speeds up automatically so you don’t have to worry too much about matching your voice to the events unrolling on the screen.

The step-by-step guide for applying the slow motion to video in Animotica

  1. Click on the element of the clip where you’d like to speed up or slow down and click on the Edit button.

  2. Set up the starting point for the effect to kick in.

  3. Click on the Speed tab from the menu below the clip.

  4. Adjust the speed. You have the option of going fro 0.25X to 4X where 1 is the normal speed of the video so going above speeds your cinematic masterpiece and going below cools things down a bit.

  5. The button below the scale allows you to mute your video if you feel like it.

Pro tip: Split the video into several fragments. This way you can add various effects to them without breaking a sweat.