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Before we dive heads deep into the art of Instagram video editing, we should set things very clear. Yes, the platform is probably not the first social media giant to pop up in your mind when you think of the word “video”. Yes, it is a photo-centric platform that’s actually limiting to video content creators, but bear with us a moment, and you’ll learn why it’s actually one of the best places in the world to share your eye-candy content!

Here’s the thing: platforms like YouTube and, lately, Facebook are made with the video content in mind. Instagram isn’t. Sure, it has the IGTV app, but other than that, it limits creators to shorter, more curated forms of social media posts, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

What you probably didn’t know though, is the fact that despite the limitations, video content is beating Instagram’s bread and butter – juicy photos – in the engagement game.

“Engagement numbers for videos posted to top media publisher accounts worldwide increased by 53% year over year in May, surpassing the 46% growth rate seen for photos over the same timeframe”

The data speaks for itself.  

Plus there’s always the fact that the videos are undeniably better suited to convey your story. They add cohesive narratives, spectacular visual effects you can create with an Instagram video maker, and the undeniable might of a killer audio track into the mix. Why not give it a shot?

Here’s how you do it. 

Why share your videos on Instagram?

  • The video format is one of the most popular and most desired content formats in the world.
  • You’ll reach an audience of over 2.3 billion active users.
  • You’ll share your content on a global scale, as 88% of Instagram users reside outside the US.
  • You’ll get some cross-platform promotion as 95% of all Instagrammers use YouTube. 91% use Facebook.
  • Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing eye-candy content.
    It has many artists and creators, so you’ll be surrounded by a friendly community.
  • Lastly, you’ll be making a lot of money. 10K to 50K monthly impressions will net you $175 to $250 per post. 500K impressions start at $1K per post. Jackpot!

Instagram videos: the basics

Before we answer any questions about how to use an Instagram movie maker to make your feed shine like a Christmas tree decorated with the shimmering lights of likes and shares or spark effects, let’s make sure we are all standing on the same ground.

Shall we?

For starters, there’s not one, not two, not even three, but four types of videos you can share on Instagram, some friendlier to video editors and content creators than others.

Instagram videos types

So what kind of video content Instagram accepts, and what are the flexibilities and limitations you have?

Instagram Video Types

Instagram feed

The feed is Instagram’s most traditional means of sharing content. It’s been there ever since 2013. In simpler words, the feed is that part of Instagram you’ve browsed through for more time than you are willing to admit. 

One of the more peculiar facts about the feed is its paradox approach. It’s both flexible and limiting at the same time. 

Length60-second max (anything above the threshold simply won’t cut it. But hey, at least it’s not the 15-second limit from a few years ago)
Aspect Ratiofrom 1.19:1 to 4:5
Video FormatVertical, horizontal, and square videos are all there for you to choose from
Dimensionslandscapes (1080 X 1350 pixels), and portraits (1080 X 608 pixels)

Live videos

Live videos are seemingly the simplest format since all you need to do is to turn on your phone’s camera and broadcast in front of a live audience. 

More on the matter, 82% of social media users prefer live videos from a brand to social posts. Then there are the engagement rates. You can’t expect to generate as many likes and comments as an active conversation does with any other type of content, can you?

That said, the seemingly spontaneous live streams take a lot of prep work, background design, and scripting. They’ll never look natural without the prep work.

Just think of all the product placements you’ll have to organically include without sacrificing ingenuity and authenticity once you gain a following. 

As for the limitations:

Length as long as 60 minutes
Aspect Ratio 9:16
Video FormatVertical
Dimensions 1080 x 1920 pixels

Instagram stories

Stories are those short-and-sweet videos everyone’s fallen in love with since 2016 when they first came out. You won’t be able to do much with this format as a video editor, nor will you be willing to as they are gone within a day, but their rough around edges approach is a part of their innate charm. 

Use them to get up close and personal with your audience without thinking too much about keeping up an appearance. Honest stories will get you far. 

The stories are 9:16 vertical videos, up to 15 seconds a pop. That said, nothing’s stopping you from uploading a carousel of stories telling a longer tale if you’d like them to. 

LengthUp to 15 seconds
Aspect Ratio9:16
Video FormatVertical
Dimensions1080 x 1920 pixels

One of the most common problems many users face is how to save someone’s else Instagram Story.

Technically, you cannot do it on Instagram, as it doesn’t provide this feature.

What you can do is go to your market and search for an app there. One of the most famous in Google Play is Story Save.

To save your own stories, you can Archive and this way your story will be saved on your Instagram account forever.

Remember to ask permission from the content owner in case you’re going to share it somewhere (unless it’s embedded code provided by Instagram that you use on your website).

Read more about saving options here.


IGTV is the newest member of Instagram’s family of features, and it is the platform’s answer to the ever-rising demand for video content. 

That said, IGTV is technically a separate app you can access from the vanilla version of IG. First launched in 2018, one can say IGTV is still in its state of infancy, but the overwhelming amount of users who have jumped on the bandwagon without a second thought proves it has an overwhelming future. 

You, as an Instagram video editor and content creator, can become a part of it. 

One of IGTV’s main features is its reliance on the number of followers. The more you have, the more you’ll be able to do. 

LengthYou’ll start with up to 10 minutes of screen time at your disposal. Then, after growing a following, your limit will increase to a whopping 60 minutes.
Aspect Ratio9:16
Video FormatVertical
Dimensions1080 x 1920 pixels

Instagram Content Plan Template

To make your life easier, our experts created this content template for Instagram with a few samples to make things clear.

How to edit video for Instagram

Video Editor for Instagram

Instagram video editor is pretty good but limited. If you’re serious about the stuff you make, you should consider the proper video editor that will be a perfect match taking into account your budget, skills, and the operation system you use.

If you’re a PC user with Windows 10 OS, we highly recommend Animotica.

If you’re Mac OS user, we recommend you iMovie.

We don’t recommend using online video editors as desktop options are usually faster and more reliable as you’re not dependent on your network in this case.

We will walk you through Animotica in this guide. This is more than a run-in-the-mill Instagram movie maker, with pretty extensive features according to users’ reviews, yet staying pretty simple and doesn’t require any advanced video editing skills.

You are probably here to find out how to trim Instagram videos, how to crop them, how to add eye-candy effects and earth-shattering music to them.

Here are a couple of video guides designed to answer most of your questions.

The answers to these questions and more can be found in our friendly help center. Check it out!

How to Upload Video to Instagram

For now, we’ll dive a little bit deeper into the process of sharing your work, as it can get a little bit tricky.

Unless you are using a mobile video editor, most of your Instagram Windows 10 & 11 or Mac-based editing software is installed on your computer. As such, the video will be saved onto your hard drive once you are done with it. 

This is where the fun starts – Instagram doesn’t give you the option to upload a video from your PC. You’ll have to either send it to your mobile device first or use an additional third-party product such as Hootsuite or HubSpot.

Then you’ll click on the plus button in the app to share your work with your followers. 

The process, as a whole, is not rocket science, but it is a bit tedious and slow. 

Spot-on video types

It is a known fact that some types of content tend to outperform others, as one would say, “with their arms tied behind their backs.” 

You might want to use ready-made videos for your masterpiece. In this case, here is the list of 7 platforms that provide free or very cheap video content.

Now that you know how to make an irresistible like-magnet video, let’s talk about what’ll it be about. 

Branding videos

These types of videos are designed to raise brand awareness. They are not designed to cater to the fans you already have a relationship with but rather to offer your unique selling proposition to strangers. 

They are typically not limited to any particular themes, but the rule of thumb here would be to tell an engaging story about a brand. Your goal is to poke the interest bone of others. 

Learn how to put your logo on the video and make it move.

Pro tip: Show off some of the behind-the-scenes stuff. You won’t have any trouble coming up with the story. You’ll boost your authenticity. And you’ll produce content that’s interesting to both cold audiences and life-long fans. 


Product videos

These types of videos are as simple as snow. You take your product, shoot it, and share it with your followers. 

Sounds simple on paper, doesn’t it? The trick is not to make something that’s as entertaining as watching paint dry. Use colors that pop. Add a pinch of humor. Be creative. 

Here’s how the pros from Ikea do it.



Many people confuse these bad boys for product videos. Don’t join their club.

Yes, a tutorial can include a video of a product or a service, but it’ll never be its focus. These kinds of videos should provide quick, actionable tips your fans can then go and try out at home. 

The best part?

Teach them a great life hack for folding shirts or cooking steak, and they’ll think about you every time when they are doing their chores. 

Educational videos

This type of content isn’t so much about a tactical life improvement as it is about raising awareness around a strategically important issue. If you like sea photography and are known for amazing surfing videos, try to dive a bit deeper (figuratively speaking) and talk about ocean pollution. If you are a firefighter – talk about the dangers of open fires. Show stats, educate others about your industry, and build a healthy relationship with your fans by showing them what matters. 

User-generated content

Do you have any reviews, testimonials, or simply funny comments shared on your Instagram page? Compile them into a snappy video, slap on a catchy tune, and let your fans get the praise and respect they deserve for being an active part of your online community!

Go crazy!

Yes, some videos tend to be more popular than others. Yes, we’ve covered the most attractive of the bunch, but bear with us for a moment – every video type was originally posted by someone. Every trend was a glimpse of an idea back in the day.

Go crazy, be creative, and who knows, perhaps you’ll be the founder of an entirely new Instagram video culture. 

Always remember that there are no silver bullets when it comes to personal creativity. 


This concludes your very own ultimate guide to Instagram videos. Thanks for sticking with us for this fascinating ride. This should be enough for you to become familiar with the basics of Instagram videos.

To measure their impact, you can track essential video metrics like engagement rate, watch-through rate, and shares in Instagram analytics.

If you’re still here, then you’re probably ready to continue your journey on the way to creating the next Kim Kardashian account! Continue to the next blog – 9 Rules Of Thumb For Flying Your Videos Off The Ground.

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