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If you’re just thinking to start making your own videos, you probably need a robust toolkit of royalty-free video and audio websites. Thus, we selected the list of platforms that should be enough for making awesome video content. 

(This blog has been created in continuation to our previous toolkit for vloggers where you can find more than 100 free and paid tools for video blogging.)

Video is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story, as they are great for telling stories as well as the visual presentation of content. Social media now favor video in their algorithms, because it gets the highest engagement when comparing to other content types. 

Videos are great but they are only as good as the audio content that goes along with them. There is a reason why the world moved away from the silent videos of Charlie Chaplin days, great audio gives life to any video production.  

If you really want to stand out, you need to be good at the habit of making videos regularly.  However, making videos and recording audio from scratch can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. In this blog, we will be showing where you can get free videos and audios you can use for your content. 

Best Websites To Get Free Videos

Here is a list of websites we recommend you have handy in case you need free or very cheap videos. (If you already use one, share it.) 


Pixabay screenshot

What’s so great about it?  

This is our favorite site for free videos. Pixabay offers 1.2 million images and videos.  

Terms of use.  

All content has been released under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. So no permission or artist credit is required to use the library, even if you’re planning to use it for dark commercial causes.  


Pexels screenshot

What’s so great about it?

 Pexels provide a large library of HD stock videos and simple navigation.  

Terms of use.

Their collections are under the CCO license, so you can edit and use the videos for personal and commercial without asking for permission or linking back to the original source.


Videvo screenshot

What’s so great about it? 

Videos offer free stock video footage, as well as motion graphics both free and paid. (only $14.99 per month) 

Terms of use.

You’ll get video either under the Videvo standard license (download and use for any cause for free) or the Creative Commons 3.0 license (use it anyway, but you must give credit to the author).


Videezy screenshot

What’s so great about it?  

Nice database of both free and paid varieties of high-quality video clips, in HD and 4K resolutions.  

Terms of use.

All videos are royalty-free for personal and commercial use. Although, you need to credit Videezy.com when using their footage or buy credits ($19.99 per 1) to use without attribution.  


Mixkit screenshot

What’s so great about it?

You can find really bright and colorful videos here sorted by categories. The site would get a better rank in our list if not for a lack of the search function on the website.  

Terms of use. 

The Mixkit license allows you to use any item in commercial and non-commercial projects, for free. They ask for credits, but it’s not compulsory.  

 6. VideoBlocks  

VideoBlocks screenshot

What’s so great about it?  

Yes, you’ve already seen its sis in our audio websites list. They also provide really nice large library of video.  

Terms of use.  

It’s not exactly free, though not expensive. Subscription starts from $8.25 per month. And you can get unlimited downloads for $16.58 per month.  

 7. COVERR  

Coverr screenshot

What’s so great about it?  

Clear navigation. You can use this site as an additional source of your video content. 

Terms of use.  

You can use their video for free, for any kind of project. Though you need permission from a brand or person (If they are recognizable in a video) to use or modify a particular video.  

Best Websites for Audio Content 

1. YouTube Audio Library

Youtube Auio Library screenshot

The pros of using YouTube Audio Library are as follows; 

  1. It offers a rich selection of music genres, sound, and effect 
  2. You download directly to video on YouTube. 

The downside to using YouTube Audio Library is that you might have to search a little deeper to find what you want and this can be really overwhelming.  

2. Dig.ccMixter  

Dig.ccMixter screenshot

While all music is free on this platform, there are three types of copyright license which one has to put into consideration when using this platform. And also, to be on the safer side, just make sure to check if there is a need to credit the musician before publishing your work and as with most of the large database, you need to spend some time before you find the perfect music. 

3. Audio Jungle  

Audio Jungle screenshot

Audio Jungle is one of the best sites to get free music as they have a massive library with over 500,000 audios, with the prices of tracks starting from a dollar. However, the filtering system is too complex, so it is very much easy to get lost there if you just came to get one simple film for your presentation.  

4. Audio Blocks  

Audio Blocks screenshot

This site is a perfect match for a media agency and it cost only $12.41 per month for unlimited music downloads, moreover, the listing is updated continuously. But, it can sometimes be difficult to find something exclusive among more than 26,000 varieties of music, loops and sound effect.  

5. Icons8  

iCons8 screenshot

Aside from the fact that you can get a good variety of free audios, you can also get simple filtering by themes, genres, and moods. However, these contents are not copyright-free, but, you can use for free any audio file as long as you are linking to their website. 

6. Bensound  

Bensound screenshot

Bensound has a huge database of music that can be used for free as long as you are crediting the website in your masterpiece. However, getting a copyright-free piece can be a bit expensive when compared to other sites on our list. The price per track is €34. Filtering could be better though. 

7. Machinimasound  

Machinimasound screenshot

One of the major advantages of using this site is that the price starts from $1 and does not go higher than $8 isn’t that awesome plus, the navigation is quite simple. However, the database for audio files is quite limited even though you can find some really great tracks here. 

Aside from the sites listed above, what is your favorite site for royalty-free videos and music? Don’t be shy, tell us about it in the comment session. We want to hear about it. 

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