“Holy video editing, Batman! Who knew cutting or trimming a video could be so simple?”

These are actually the last words Boy Wonder said to his good friend and master the Caped Crusader before quitting his crime fighting shenanigans to become a professional YouTuber. He is now making millions on prank videos and nostalgic TV show reviews.

Trues story.

How to trim, split and join your videos on Windows 10?

Ok, all jokes aside, video trimming is far from being rocket science and today’s advancements in video editing apps have made the process simpler than ever. Today you can create crisp, professional videos with amazing effects and eye-candy stage transitions in an hour or so. Cutting or clipping a video is even simpler.  If you’re lucky Windows 10 user, we would recommend you to go with Animotica free video editor.

(Though make sure you’re aware of a watermark that would be on your video, which you can rid off forever for around $3).

But don’t take just our word for it. We’ll be rolling with Animotica for the rest of this guide so you’ll see how easy it is to put professional YouTubers to shame with your own eyes.

You can download Animotica video editor for free here.

Download Animotica from Microsoft Store

Trim, cut and merge your videos in Animotica

Download the Animotica app, install, and launch it. If you’re not familiar with Animotica video editor, please take a look at how you can set up Animotica. You can either double click on the icon or run the app from your Start menu. 

How to trim your video

If you were to trim a video with Animotica, the whole process wouldn’t take you longer than a couple of minutes and it can be done in 3 super simple steps.

Step 1

Start with creating a new project and uploading a video you’d like to trim. You’ll be done in 3 clicks.

Add files to Animotica

Step 2

The fun part begins. Select the clip you are looking to trim and go for one of two options: you can trim it from the beginning, the end, or trim the slider (my favorite option).

Step 3

Select the starting and ending points of the clip. You can also use arrows located from the left and right to get to the right frames.

Trimming slider of your clip

How to split video

Step 1

The first steps are the same – launch Animotica, create new project and add one or more clips you want to.

Step 2

Select the clip you want to split into parts – click exactly on the part you want the video to be splitted.

Step 3

Click split on the menu below the clips.

This is essentially how you split a video into parts. Feel free to dissect the remaining elements of the video in whichever way you see fit. You can also use the built-in drag and drop mechanics to swap the clips between each other. 

How to clip or join a video

Now that you have a series of shorter clips, how about combining some of them back together? This feature is perfect for making a creative montage or a time-lapse effect. 

Step 1

Pick the clips you’d like to unite and click on on one of them.

Step 2

Click on the + (plus) button on the slider where you’d like to add the new clip and select the one you want to add. That’s it!

Alternatively, you can drag the clip into position with your mouse.

Pro tip: Add a cool stage transition between the clips to make your videos look so much more crisp! 

Learn how to add seamless transition like a pro!

In case you were wondering, yep, that’s it. 

If you need more visual explanations, take a look at this video slideshow we created for you. 👇

How to Trim, Split, Join your Video Clips

Do you want to delete some parts of your video, merge clips togather or get a few clips out of one video?Animotica will help you to do it in a few seconds! 😎#animoticatips

Posted by Animotica – Video Editor on Friday, July 19, 2019
How to Trim, Split, Join Videos | Video Slideshow

That said, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The internet is a gateway to literally hundreds of video editing alternatives. 

It’s just that some of them are a bit more complex or much more pricey.

Even then, video editing is not rocket science. What are your options?

Trim video in Windows Movie Maker

Most people don’t know this, but Windows 10 comes with an integrated movie maker. It is well hidden and rather lackluster so no one purposefully looks for it, but it is there nonetheless.

Its functionality is rather basic, but if you are only looking to cut or trim a video, the standard moviemaker is more than enough. 

Microsoft’s video editing software is conveniently hidden in the Photos app. (Why u do this to us, Microsoft?) Here we describe how you can get there.

Right-click the video you’d like to edit and select the open with Photos option. You’ll see your video in an editor’s interface with the trim button being in the top right corner of your screen. 

Clicking on it will reveal two sliders (white, not blue!). Use them to secure the portion of the video you wish to remain intact. It should be in between the sliders. Cut away the rest. 

How to cut a video online?

If you are not working with sensitive video materials you don’t want to leak to the web, you can always use a plethora of free online video editors. Though, we recommend this method only if nothing else works for you at the moment as, first of all, that usually means you will compensate on quality and the speed of the process itself. 

  • Online Video Cutter. This is an incredibly helpful and intuitive application that does exactly what the name implies. That said, if you are looking for more than cutting, trimming, or cropping functionality, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 
  • Kapwing. Kapwing is a decent free online video editing app with a couple of additional features tailored to meet the needs of the modern internet user. An embedded meme generator and handy subtitles tools are what makes the app shine. That said, do not expect complex layers of functionality designed with the creative video editing in mind.
  • Wincreator Video Cutter. This simplistic online video cutter is very similar to the first entry from our list, but it has a couple of additional bells and whistles on the form of GIF maker, meme generator, and video to MP3 conversion features. Still, it is more of a one-trick pony rather than an example of efficient video editing software. 

How to cut and trim videos on iOS?

The simplest of video editing features are also available on your smartphone (as well as a couple of more advanced ones, but one can hardly call editing on a 5’’ screen “convenient”).

What are the best video cutters for iOS?

  • LumaFusion? This app is a full-blown movie maker for your iPhone. The only real downside is its price. LumaFusion will cost you a pretty penny starting at 30 bucks. 
  • InShot. While primarily used for trimming and cutting for Instagram, this app is still pretty good at what it does aside creating content for the world’s most visually appealing social network. 

How to cut and trim videos on Android?

How about Google’s titular OS?

  • KineMaster. This app has one of the most intuitive user interfaces on the market. Simple, slick, and elegant, KineMaster is one of the go-to video editors for Android. 

Now with all that said and done, you are officially a professional video editor (don’t quote us on that one though) 😉


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