Writer’s block is as dangerous to a YouTube channel manager as paying attention to constant nagging in the comments. Both can be extremely intimidating and discouraging. 

The thing is, once you start, the process will flow like butter. All it takes is a little push. Thus we thought that these 10 delightful ideas will give you the inspiration needed to get started.

Kids content ideas to take your channel off the ground

  1. Arts and craft: Not only will you teach your kids to do something cool with their hands, but you’ll also educate thousands of your happy little viewers.
  2. Lifestyle: Grab a camera and follow your kids around for a day. You’d be surprised to the amount of cool stuff they are up to on a daily basis.
  3. Hulk smash: kids get angry sometimes and they don’t know how to deal with their emotions. They are only grasping the concept of tranquility. Let kids be kids. Let them smash some stuff, and better yet come up with creative means of destruction and film the process. Edit it in slow motion afterwards. 
  4. Handyman videos: Now that you’ve blown off the steam, show a couple of ways to fix things. 
  5. Embrace the mad scientist inside you: there are dozens of amazing scientific experiments involving colorful foams, various smokes, and cool physics effects. And you already have all it takes to pull them off in your kitchen! 
  6. Cooking: bake a cake, make a salad, grill some cheese. Teach your viewers a couple of simple, yet delicious recipes. 
  7. Performance: Can your children sing or dance like it’s nobody’s business? Perfect! Bieber mania has proven that there are ears willing to listen. 
  8. Toys: Toys are the bread and butter of every kid’s YouTube channel so if you are willing to incorporate reviews or games into your routine, think of shooting something creative. Add post-effects like flames, gunfire sounds, and explosions on the background. Those are bound to attract a lot of attention. 
  9. Gaming: Video games are awesome. Sandboxes like Minecraft or competitive shooters like Fortnite are the reason for YouTube’s recent renaissance. Be sure to capitalize on the trend! You’ll need a powerful PC to play, record and/or stream though. 
  10. Challenges: everybody loves challenges. The best part about them? 9 out of 10 go viral in a heartbeat

And that, dear friends, is how you set up YouTube for kids! Do you still have any questions regarding becoming the ultimate YouTube star? feel free to shoot us a line! 

Ready to start? Now read how to make your own kids channel on YouTube!


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