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Whether you’re a course creator, a gamer, or even a vlogger, it is undoubtedly necessary to know how to record your screen. 

Almost everyone knows how to take screenshots on Windows 10—Win+Fn+PrntScrn—but only a relatively few tech-savvy folks know that Windows 10 has a fairly secret tool that allows you to record your screen! 

Indeed, this tool is referred to as the Xbox Game Bar (the Game Bar Feature) because it was chiefly made for recording game clips. However, it can be used to record just about anything you want. 

In today’s blog, we will show you the step-by-step process of recording your screen on Windows 10, so you can start sharing your best ‘screen moments’ immediately. 

How to Record your Screen on Windows 10 

To record your screen, you need to follow these simple steps accordingly. 

Step 1: Activate the Screen Recording Feature 

To activate the Game Bar feature, open Settings, select Gaming, then, open Game Bar.  

C:UsersuserPicturesScreenshotsScreenshot (148).png

Toggle on the button under “Record Game Clips, Screenshots, and Broadcasts using Game Bar” if it is off (grey-colored.) 

You will also see the various shortcuts for Opening Game Bar, taking a screenshot, recording screen, etc. You can also add your own screenshot for easier accessibility! 

Step 2: Start Screen Recording 

Open the app you wish to record. Press Win+G to open Game Bar. You will see a bunch of options, such as screenshot, recording, and microphone, among others. Now you can hit the Start Recording icon to commence your screen recording. 

C:UsersuserPicturesScreenshotsScreenshot (151).png

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut Win+Alt+R to start the recording faster. 

To end your session, you simply hit the blue square button on the floating menu bar. 


Your screen recording will end with a notification telling you that your screen recording has been completed. You can double-tap on the notification to open the file. 

Otherwise, you can always find the clip here: File Manager This PC videos Captures. 

Voila! That’s just how to record your screen. 

Remember what we pointed out earlier: you can’t directly start recording in Desktop, File Manager, Maps, and Weather. Just start recording another (acceptable) app and quickly switch to your desired app. 

Step 3: (Optional) Edit your Clip 

If you have some parts you’d like to trim off, or perhaps you’d want to join two clips together, you can do that very easily. All you need is a decent video editing app. That is why we recommend Animotica, our easy-to-use, awesome video editor. 

With Animotica, you can do a lot of things to your clips to give them the dramatic, yet professional boost they need. Feel free to try it for free. 

Download Animotica from Microsoft Store

What We’ve Noticed about the Game Bar Feature 

While the Game Bar feature is in-built and completely free, there are certain things you should take note of.  

The Windows 10 screen recording feature is not available for Windows Desktop and File Explorer, along with apps, such as Maps and Weather. However, to record activities in these apps, you simply open the recording on another app, such as your Game or Web browser, then switch to your desired app when the recording starts. You can then trim your video to remove the unwanted parts. 

What to do if you cannot find screen recorder in your PC? 

Most Windows 10 PCs support the screen recording feature. However, if your PC doesn’t support the tool, just update the driver for your current Video Card, and you should be good to go. 

To perform screen recordings, your PC’s video card needs to support the following encoders

  1. Intel Quick Sync H.264 
  1. Nvidia NVENC 
  1. AMD VCE 


To perform screen recording in Windows 10, you do not need to pay for any third-party software. Windows 10’s Game Bar is fairly easy to use, and completely free.  

This is not usual, but if your screen recording begins to malfunction, here’s how to fix it

We hope our easy guide is enough to help you achieve your first screen recording!

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