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Do you know what really makes you appreciate the magical marvels of modern technology?

Lack thereof. 

Yes, professional video editing software is not the only way you can edit your videos in Windows 10. There’s always the good old Windows Movie Maker at your disposal. 

The app itself is actually better than people make it sound. It’s not perfect. The editor definitely has its flaws and it’s a bit slow at times, but you can – without a doubt – edit a video in it without summoning Satan by accident. 

Think of it as an interesting challenge. The kind you can actually upload to your YouTube channel once you are done. 

Before talking about the default Windows video editor, let’s take a look at the WMM alternative.

Does Windows have it’s own video editing software?

(….Oh, and while you are at it, feel free to use the #Look_mom_im_using_WMM 😆 )

As we already mentioned, Windows Movie Maker is your default video editing application. You can use it to create photo collages, cut and trim videos, add a couple of simple effects like music, text, motion, or fireworks. 

Think core video editing functionality. The Essentials. Nothing too special, but still enough to get your project started. Add a pinch of creativity into the mix, and you’ll get a pretty potent artistic tool. 

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How do I edit a video in Windows Movie Maker?

First thing’s first. You start by launching the app. 

This seemingly simple step is actually our first challenge. Here’s the thing: Windows 10 doesn’t have dedicated video editing software per se. The app we’ve been referring to is your Photos app

Why call it Windows Movie Maker then? For old time’s sake. It is, after all, very similar to the age-old solution with the only difference being its location. 

Here’s how you go old-school:

  • Open your photos app (if you’re struggling to find it, just open Microsoft Store and type ‘movie maker’ in the search bar, and you’ll be asked to click the link to access Photo editor directly).
  • Open the slideshow tab. You know, the one that allows combining photos, motion, videos, and music. 
  • Go to the new video tab.
  • Open a video you’d like to create. You have several options: Automatic and Custom videos with music. 

Editing process

Once you’ve opened the app and selected the video of your choosing, you’ll gain access to several handy features of the editor. 

  • Trim: allows you to cut the parts of the video you don’t believe are needed.
  • Add slow-mo: This one is pretty self-explanatory but absolutely epic nonetheless. 
  • Draw: Add your own doodles or full-blown art to the screen. 
  • Add effects: Enhance the video with popping 3-d effects, text, music, or animations of your choosing. 

Alternative options to Windows Movie Maker

If you don’t feel like working with the default video editing software from Windows due to the lack of features but you’re not ready for the advanced editors, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, you can try easy-to-use video editor from Microsoft Store, such as Animotica (believe me, there is nothing better our there, that’s why we created it!).

Simply go to Microsoft Store and type ‘video editor’, most probably you’ll see Animotica among the first there.

What are some of the benefits you will reap with Animotica?

  • A super-simple User Interface;
  • A vast array of powerful editing features: split, cut, add effects, stage transitions, professional audio files, green screen effect and more from the box;
  • A pitch-perfect solution for vloggers and editing enthusiasts;
  • Unlike most of our competitors similar in functionality, Animotica is 100% free (though the resulting video will include watermark).

Learn more about how to edit videos with Animotica in our video editing tutorials section.

If WMM doesn’t meet your imagination and creativity needs, feel free to give Animotica a shot and you’ll be glued to your chair in excitement for at least an hour or two!

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