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Technically speaking, adding a voice-over to your video clips isn’t that big of a deal. There is a large volume of applications that have this functionality built-in.

How to add my voice to a video on Windows 10 & 11?

1. Prepare your video and tools.

The video editing software.

Take Animotica, one of the best-reviewed video editing applications on the Microsoft Store as an example. It allows you to add a voiceover in as little as 5 super-simple steps.

You’ll need to download and install the app.

Download Animotica from Microsoft Store

Launch the app, create your first project and add video or photo files you want to add voice over to.

create a new project in Animotica
Create a new project in Animotica

The Mic

Have you ever heard the phrase there’s more than one way to skin a cat? Well, it’s probably the most applicable idiom ever when it comes to deciding on your soon to be voice over microphone.

To kick things off, mics come into two groups: condenser, and dynamic microphones. The condensers boast a superior sound but they pick up much more noise pollution than their counterparts. 

Dynamic mics are better fitted for recording in noisier rooms but they have a noticeable drawback. Cheaper models force you to lean in closer and then pick up the sound of your breath. 

That said, if you were to pair an average mic with a decent pop filter and a solid piece of recording software, you’ll avoid almost every challenge with flying colors.

If you’re shooting a video by yourself, this guide might be helpful to start with.

3. Click on the VoiceOver button.

Click on Voice Over to Start Recording yourself

Allow Animotica to access your microphone.

4. Start recording a voice.

An automatic countdown will give you 3 seconds to make final preparations before recording starts.

The recording will start in 3 seconds

The app will pick up your mic by default so all there’s really left for you to do is to let your voice rip!

5. Finish.

You can use the ‘Stop’ button to stop recording, otherwise, it will stop automatically once you reach the duration of your video.

Click ‘Stop’ after you finish recording yourself

If you wish to make a voice over longer, then you need to increase the duration of a whole video or any particular frame.

In the first case, from the main project screen navigate to Project settings -> Photo and set up the duration for the slides (it will be the same for each).

In the second case, select a particular clip, for which you want to change speed and click ‘Duration’, set up the one you need.

You might need also to split your video into a few frames to record a separate voice over for each.

In case if you’re all set, click ‘Save’, select the video settings and wait for a few moments to finish video rendering.

video rendering in Animotica (white)
Video rendering in Animotica

Voila! You are now a YouTube/Instagram star! All thanks to a handy video voice over app. 

That said, achieving professional quality of sound expected from up-to-date videos is a little bit more complicated. And no, it’s not about the mic. At least not entirely…

How to record voice-over audio in your video?

1. Create a new project and upload your files.

Create a new project in Animotica and upload the video file you want to add a voice-over to.

2. Mute audio in your video.

Click on your clip and select ‘Sound’ from the bottom menu of the screen.

Press 'Sound' on the bottom menu

Put the volume of your video to zero.

Mute audio in your video

3. Record voiceover.

Now you can start recording your voice over muted video.

Add voiceover to your video

For more details, navigate to the first section of this guide.


[Video Tutorial] How to Add VoiceOver?


Your audio track needs to follow certain rules of composition, exposition, and pacing if you wish to match the tone and voice of the visuals on the screen. 


Yes, they do have a voice of their own. Figuratively speaking.

When it comes to voice over video editing, it is obnoxiously hard to achieve the sense of absolute Zen – the state when you don’t hate the sound of your voice. These precious moments are the ones you should be capturing. 

How to prepare yourself for recording a voice over? 

  1. Watch out for your surroundings: Finding a quiet place to work when you are trying to add voice to a video is essential as meditating in silence. Yes, your mic probably won’t pick up the noise, but your ears will. Not only will you fail to concentrate, but you’ll also twitch and move in undesirable ways. Every movement will be reflected in your voice going higher or lower than intended.
  2. Be clear and adequately toned: Why are some channels flying off the ground at light speeds while others gather dust while producing content that’s equally good? In 9 cases out of 10, the reason hides in the voice of a YouTuber. Some are simply much more pleasant to hear than others. This doesn’t mean that they have a superior voice though. What they do have is a way of communicating clearly, in their own words and tone. You can do the same if you stop for a second and think about which intonation fits which frame. 
  3. There’s no rush: What’s the most important element of the story? It’s pacing. Nuff’ said. 
  4. Words are hard. Make them sound simpler: What can we say other than you should think about reading the script out loud in front of a mirror a few times before actually recording your voice over? This way you’ll settle on both the pronunciation and enunciation. 

PS: there’s more shame with proceeding with an awful scene in a clip than in reshooting it or re-recording the voice over. Just saying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do multi-recording in Animotica?

Yes, you can. Do your voice-over and simply repeat the process.

Add multi-tracks

So, what will it be? Are you ready to conquer the realm of professional video content creators with your super slick-sounding videos?

Give us a shout out on social media and share your experience so far!

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