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Halloween is finally here. Yay!

Or is it Boo?

In either case, there’s no better time for the wicked than All Hollow’s Eve and 2019 promises a barrage of mind boggling parties and events. 

And where the is a party, there’s always a camera. So it’s not really a question of whether you’re mare making a video on Halloween – either a professional clip or just a quick couple of shots to go down the memory lane in a couple of years – it is a question of how free your SD card or cloud storage is for the night. 

So, if you are already at it – why not make your effort count, especially when Animotica makes it painstakingly simple to add amazing effects to your videos in but a couple of clicks. 

Simple Start

  1. Download Animotica app for free.
  2. Launch it.
  3. Create a new project.
  4. Add photos, videos you want to apply the effect to.
  5. Click ‘Edit’ and select the effects button. 

1. Back in black

Black Effects in Animotica

Good old black and white video effects let you dive into the retro atmosphere of the horror film classics that spooked you (or even your parents) when they were tiny bitsy believers into the supernatural.

How can you infuse your video with the retro vibe of Halloween Classics? 

2. Why so negative?

Invert Effect in Animotica

Speaking of unforgettable color effects, saturated yellows and reds can make your video as spooky as the grim and dark tones black. 

Pro tip: Invert the colors in your clip for a second or so to make the viewer question their sanity. Was what they just saw really on screen or was it a figment of their Halloween-fueled imagination?

Who knows?

3.  Bloody Marry

Mirror Effects in Animotica

If there’s something horror films have taught us, it is that the mirror on the wall doesn’t necessarily show Snow White’s beauty. Sometimes, on very special nights such as the 31st of October, a reflection – any reflection – holds the power over a portal to a realm you really don’t want to be in. 

How about bringing that dimension “to the big screen”?

4. A spooky collage

Collage Effects in Animotica

Collages are a boring means of showing vacation picks to a group of visibly uninterested friends you say?

Well, check what the right tool can do with the right visual row…

Bonus treat

Halloween Stickers in Animotica

If you are looking for something a little bit more lighthearted and merry, but still filled with the spirit of the spooky holiday, check Animotica’s collection of ghoulish stickers.

You can find them by clicking the “Add Overlay” button and then selecting the “stickers” option.

Happy Halloween! 

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