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Black Friday is around the corner, that time of the year when the world gets flung into a wild spending spree. Here’s a quick stat to get you in the mood: During the Black Friday of 2019, over 7 billion US dollars were recorded in the United States, and this came in through online sales alone. In general, a sale of over 50 billion dollars was reported.

2020 Black Friday is going to be different, thanks to Covid-19. There have been spikes in online sales as people continue to maintain social distancing all over the world. Offline businesses are generally struggling while e-commerce continues to thrive.

What does this mean for you as a business? First, it means that a lot of competition will be happening as different businesses strive to outdo each other online. Secondly, it means that you have a huge potential to make over 5 times the sales you make on an average day.

Needless to say, to have your own piece of the pie, you need to put more life into your marketing approach.

Now, what are some of the brightest ideas you can implement during this period to ensure you get buyers flooding into your store?

These solid ideas have been proven capable of driving that crazy traffic and extra sales to you, so that by the time the fire burns out, and everyone returns to their normal lives, you will be wearing a very big smile on your face.

Big Ideas for Small Businesses: What you Need to Do!

Here is a compilation of marketing ideas that can be the game-changer for you this Black Friday!

Deal of the Hour/ Deal of the Day

This is an efficient marketing strategy because it fuels your customers’ impulse buying. This is particularly a great idea if you’re beginning to get traffic or visitors to your store.

With Deal of the Hour/ Deal of the Day, you pick a specific product and sell them off at a tempting discount. Of course, you can compensate for the price cut in many ways, including spreading the deficit across other high-selling products.

Customers are always looking forward to these deals, and if you keep it random and consistent, they will keep visiting. This will ultimately increase your chances of making sales, especially on Black Friday, when everyone is already in a spending mood.

Product Bundles

You can also create product bundles to encourage your customers to buy more. This works most effectively when you offer a reasonable discount when a customer buys a group of products instead of making individual purchases. For example, you can sell a package containing a phone case, car charger, screen guard at a discount price. Customers would likely buy these in bundles when it is cheaper than individual purchases. I assure you, it works!


Who doesn’t love freebies? Freebies are great mood changers, anywhere, anytime. Freebies are efficient in drawing people’s attention to your business. You can decide to run a giveaway or create a free guide.

With the people’s attention now drawn to you, you can easily pitch in your products and in many cases, convince a more significant percentage to try out your products and services.

To spice things up, you can even add some free items that wouldn’t hurt your business to specific purchases. For example, you can decide to give a free toy to anyone who buys a baby bicycle during this Black Friday.

Product Hunts

Here’s a pretty adventurous one. Product Hunts may be a little bit crazy, but if you’re looking to get people flooding into your online store, it’s a great way to go about it. This is because, when you have a crowd of eager customers trooping in, your chances of making sells gets amped up really fast.

For Product Hunts, you can pick out a few ‘top’ products and offer them at a massive discount. However, these products would be hidden in random product categories, and customers would be tasked with finding the product within a certain amount of time. For example, you can conceal a Google Pixel phone in the clothing category, or any other random location for about 6 hours.

Whoever finds it can buy it at a massive discount. Customers like this. And you will see your traffic going crazy in no time.

Sneak Peeks!

Want to warm up their appetite? Tease them a little! Sneak peeks are a great way of getting your customers curious and eager.

Create a slideshow of products you’d be selling along with their tempting discount rates, ahead of the big day, and ensure you promote this on social media.

You can create a compelling video or slideshow for free using software tools, such as Animotica and Adobe Premiere.

Here’s a good example!

The Hashtag Effects

This is something that many marketers ignore. Hashtags allow you to put your products on the frontlines. On platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, you can use Hashtags for Black Friday, such as #BlackFriday #BlackFridaySales, etc. You can always find out what’s trending by using the search button.

#BlackFriday hashtags on Twitter
#BlackFriday hashtags on Instagram

This way, you can make a post about your products and offers, and then link in your hashtag to boost visibility.

Content! Content! Content!

Visual content still works perfectly, especially when used for marketing purposes. Create captivating videos and slideshows to keep your audience engaged and informed on a regular basis. With this, you prepare them to positively react to your CTAs.

Types of content you can make include:

  • Fun Facts
  • “How To” Articles
  • Infographics
  • Quote Cards
  • Quizzes and Visual Puzzles
  • Business Memes and Comics

This lightens up the mood and creates a good rapport between you and target consumers.

For making top-notch visual content, we recommend using Animotica, a simple, yet awesome and versatile video editing tool for Windows 10.

Extra Tips you can Use

The ideas above are among the things smart small businesses have been doing over the years to boost sales on Black Friday. Doing these is sure to get you in fine fettles, but what can you do differently to be ahead of the game?

Early Awareness

Starting off early is vital. As the old saying goes, the early horse gets the clean water! The earlier you start off, the better your chances. For example, since Black Friday takes place on the 29th of November, you can start building your awareness from the first week of November!

Make High-Quality Ads

Whether you’re making videos or using just images, it is important to ensure you keep the quality high. Nobody wants to spend time on low-quality ads. You can make high-quality ads for your campaign using our top visual content editor, Animotica. To even spice things up some more, you can make use of Animotica’s Black Friday stickers!

Increase your Ad Spending

Sometimes, to see better results, you need to take your budget a few notches higher. Black Friday is completely worth the extra bucks because, well, it is Black Friday for Pete’s sake!

You will definitely see better results to compensate for your expenses.

Extend your Campaign

Can’t get enough of Black Friday? There are a few more sales events you can always take advantage of! They include:

  1. Small Business Saturday— Held on the Saturday after Black Friday. This year’s Small Business Saturday will hold on November 30th, immediately after Black Friday. If you have an offline store, this will be an advantage for you.
  2. Cyber Monday— Held on the Monday after Black Friday. Cyber Monday encourages people to shop online, and you can expect to record some activities. It comes on December 2nd.
  3. Giving Tuesday—Held a day after Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a day that promotes buying of gift items and products for charitable reasons. It involves a heavy amount of spending as well and is a Holy Grail for marketers all over the world.


Despite the presence of the pandemic, Black Friday promises a lot of spending especially for online store owners. However, how much you get by the end of the holiday shopping season heavily depends on how hard you work to get your product to the surface.

With these ideas above, alongside a couple of hours of result-oriented research, you will be on your way to making your biggest sales yet.

Don’t forget that visual content is the most effective way to market your business. That is why you should check out Mixilab’s awesome family of products.

Good luck!

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