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Shaky videos are uncomfortable to watch, and if for any reason you end up with one, the first thing on your mind could be discarding the footage. 

But in a generation where there is literally an app for everything, stabilizing a shaky video should not be an impossible task. 

There are several video stabilization software on the internet. Some are free, while others are paid. 

If you’re a Windows 10 PC user, our recommended Windows 10 video stabilizer will be Animotica, an easy-to-use, rich video editor. Animotica’s built-in video stabilization tool is completely free to use, and you can start right away without having watermarks in your final video! 

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Without further ado, here’s how to stabilize a shaky video. 

How to Stabilize Shaky Video Footage on Windows

Step 1: Download Your Video Stabilizer 

Click here to install Animotica for free. Note that Animotica is a full-fledged video editor with several other tools alongside video stabilization. 

You can enjoy these other features for free as well (with watermark), and if you eventually decide to open its full pro features, you can do that at a fair price

Once downloaded, go on and open the software. 

Keep in mind that the video stabilizer tool WILL NOT put a watermark on your videos, so it’s absolutely free to use it!

Step 2: Select the Video Stabilization Tool 

This is the last tool on Animotica’s home screen. Click on it.  

Screenshot (128).png

On the popup window, click Select a Video File. Ensure the video is stored at a known location. Navigate to this storage location and select your shaky video. 

Screenshot (129).png

A new popup will appear, select Stabilize Video. This will open a window for inputting a name for your final video file. Set a name and click on Save. 

Screenshot (135).png

Voila! You’re done. Just give Animotica a sec to finish up the task. Have another video file? Hit Next Video, rinse, and repeat! 

Otherwise, hit X. 

Before you Go… 

At this point, you already achieved your primary aim. However, keep in mind that Animotica is more than just a video stabilizer. Thus it won’t be a bad idea to utilize its rich video editing features. 

Editing your videos will give them a more refined, professional feel, and you will be able to tell a better visual story. 

Here’s how it’s done.

Edit the Video after Stabilizing it

Step 1: Select ‘Edit Video’ 

This is the first tool on the Home Window. When you hit Edit Video, a new popup will come. Click on Select Video File, navigate to where you stored your stabilized video, select it, and hit Open. This will lead you to your project window where the show goes down. 

Screenshot (133).png

Step 2: Click on Select Video File 

Here’s where you can pour out your creativity. You can add effectsfade your audio clips, and add overlays to your video.  To reveal several more editing options, simply click on the video clip. 

Screenshot (136).png

With Animotica’s host of editing tools, you can split, trim, speed up or slow down your video, apply the freeze effect, and much more. 

edit video

You’re welcome to check our blog for guides on how to make more magical videos! 

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